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Tips for Working In New Zealand

By working with Kiwis, you will begin to understand who they are. Here are some of my top tips to help you fit in quickly:

Kiwis enjoy the “free spirit”

Strike up a conversation with a Kiwi and the outdoors will always be a part of what they will share, whether it’s the big trout they caught from the lake or the trip to the bush they love with their family. Be adventurous so that you can share something with them too!

Everyone is equal

It’s important to extend the self-esteem and the civility that you expect for yourself to others. It’s not the job position that dictates your importance in the workplace. It’s the person that matters.

Avoid being the “tall poppy”

Refrain from showing off because this will not do you any good. Stop being the 'Mr. Proud' or the 'Mr. Know-It-All'.

Number 8 wire way of thinking

This attitude is an analogy of the use of the number 8 wire that is most commonly used to create mile-long fences to keep out the cows and sheep on the farm. Kiwis can make practically anything out of it - clothes hangers, a measuring stick, a stirrer, a magical wand, and a lot more other things. It simply means to be resilient, be creative, and be crafty. Rather than waiting for people to come over to help you, try to fix that stapler with something like a sticky tape or a blob of glue. If the printer is jammed with paper, try something – open it, scrutinise it, whack it a couple of times in order to get that thing fixed. If it doesn’t, then call the computer services. They will be very happy to know that you’ve done everything before giving them a call.

“Give yourself a go” and let someone have a “Fair go” too.

You will be admired for trying rather than whining. And when you are given an opportunity to prove yourself, try and give others an equal chance to prove and improve themselves too. This may probably be how New Zealanders envision their world to be and how you will achieve that pinnacle of success.

Philip Y. Lopez

By Philip Y. LopezFilipino Postgraduate Diploma Student

Updated 3 years ago

Philip is currently studying at Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology in Rotorua for a Level 8 Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Professional Studies (Mentoring and Leadership). He has a Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology (Medical Laboratory Science) and is a physician with specialty training in anatomic and clinical pathology. He earned his Masters of Science degree in the Philippines where he worked as an academic. He is currently finishing his PhD through distance learning alongside his New Zealand qualification. 

*Views expressed are the blogger's own
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