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Ready for career success

A New Zealand education can give you the qualifications and skills to excel anywhere in the world in your chosen career.

Learn more about how a New Zealand education can set you up for success

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Employers around the world welcome graduates of our education system because of their strong academic qualifications, practical skills and ability to think critically and creatively.

From the moment they graduate, our graduates are ready to take their place in the global jobs marketplace.

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The New Zealand education system is government regulated and has strong quality assurance systems.

You can be certain of gaining a high-quality education that will improve your job prospects in the global marketplace.

New Zealand’s higher education system is internationally ranked. All eight of New Zealand’s universities feature in the top three percent in the world, according to the 2020 QS World University Rankings. We’re the only country in the world to have all of our universities in the global top 500.

Seven of our universities are all in the top 100 in at least one subject. They rank in the world’s top 50 universities in 22 subjects and in the world’s top 100 in 65 subjects.

In the Times Higher Education World University Rankings, five New Zealand universities are ranked in the top 400 universities.

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A New Zealand qualification is a valuable asset that can give you a head start in the international job market.

New Zealand is a member of the Lisbon Recognition Convention, which means our certificates, diplomas and degrees are recognised in 50 participating countries. These include the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy and Australia. Bachelor degrees are widely recognised on the job market by employers, and for enrolment in postgraduate programmes.

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New Zealand’s teaching style and practical, hands-on way of learning gives graduates strong employability skills — attributes valued by employers across a wide range of jobs and careers.

These highly transferable skills include flexibility, creativity, teamwork, problem-solving, decision-making, leadership, organisational skills and a self-motivated ‘can-do’ attitude. Graduates also gain workplace-relevant English language abilities and learn to be effective in multicultural and Western work environments.

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Hear from our graduates

Tan Sri Halim Saad’s studies at Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand changed his life, starting him on a path to becoming one of Malaysia’s most influential business leaders.

“If you were to choose a place to study, I would say that New Zealand would offer you a good education. It’s not very expensive, the lifestyle is very good, the people are friendly, you can enjoy the place.”

Tan Sri Halim Saad | Business leader

Within three years of studying physiotherapy at AUT in New Zealand, Ritika Bhargava opened a chain of physiotherapy clinics. Ritika, from India, went on to win a Young Entrepreneur of the Year award.

“Once you’ve completed your graduation, you’re ready to work. Your degree is recognised all over the world, which is a great advantage to have.”

Ritika Bhargava | Physiotherapist

Chonlada Damrongkitkanwong (Jane) and her sister Thamowan Temsawat (Bam)

Chonlada Damrongkitkanwong

Chonlada Damrongkitkanwong (Jane), from Thailand, found her experience of studying in New Zealand so valuable that she wanted her little sister to share the same experience.

Thamowan Temsawat (Bam), 14, had been offered a scholarship at a school in London, but Jane convinced their parents to instead send Bam to live with her host family and attend her school, Southland Girls’ High School in Invercargill.

I recommended New Zealand to Bam because it is safe and because I knew she would do well here.

The relaxed pace of life in Invercargill gave Jane time to develop new interests, including snowboarding and baking. Host mother Carolyn Davies says she came to regard Jane as her “Thai daughter”.

After three years in Invercargill, Jane studied at Victoria University of Wellington before completing a Master of International Business in Boston, Shanghai and London.

At 24, Jane was accepted into a management trainee programme at Unilever in Bangkok. She was younger than many other applicants, and attributes the English language skills and maturity she gained in New Zealand for helping her to win a place on the prestigious programme.

Two years on, Jane left Unilever to launch her own import/export business in Phuket.

Studying in New Zealand taught me to think differently - to think outside the box. You get to explore your own ideas and be creative with your thinking.

Chonlada Damrongkitkanwong


wu hongbo2

Wu Hongbo previously served as China’s Ambassador to the Philippines.

Wu Hongbo

United Nations Under-Secretary-General

Wu Hongbo, the United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Economic and Social Affairs, says his experience of studying in New Zealand has been instrumental to his career.

My wonderful time in New Zealand is very important in my professional career. Without the two years of advanced training and extensive experience in this beautiful country, I could not have been where I am today.

Wu Hongbo has previously served as China’s Ambassador to the Philippines.

He says Chinese students of the time were taught and guided every step of the way, while students in New Zealand “had more freedom to decide when and how to study”.

Wu Hongbo carried out his postgraduate study at Victoria University of Wellington's English Language Institute. He says his time in New Zealand not only improved his English language abilities but also broadened his vision, knowledge and capability.

“I would like to say to those who wish to choose New Zealand that New Zealand is a wonderful country to pursue your academic study. Just to meet the friendly people in a beautiful country is already an unforgettable lifelong experience.

“Go to New Zealand – you will never regret your choice!”

Wu Hongbo

United Nations Under-Secretary-General

Working in New Zealand after studying

If you wish to stay in New Zealand and work after you have finished your studies, you will need the right visa.

You may be able to apply for a post-study work visa which will allow you to work for up to three years in New Zealand after you graduate, depending on what you study and where you study.

You can find out more about post-study work visas at Immigration New Zealand.

Study for jobs in high demand

Gain the skills New Zealand needs

If you complete a qualification in an area that is skilled and in demand in New Zealand, you may be able to continue working in New Zealand after your post-study work visa by applying for a different type of work visa or a skilled migrant visa.

Hospitality, retail, agriculture and tourism are among the main sectors offering part-time work in New Zealand. These websites may help you with your job search.

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